New Year, new blog

A resolution for this year is to start blogging regularly again. I need to set things up, but this is serving as a place holder until i get a wordpress site setup.

2013 ended shitty. The next few days i anticipate to be rather rough. I'll make it through though.

As always, my opinions are my own, and do not reflect my past, present, or future associations of any kind, in any way.

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I dont have much more to say than Hannah already did.

These cats...i swear....

I'm going to miss Elijah. He really is a great cat. I wish things were different but they are as they are.

I'm glad hannah has so many photos. When you water a cat, you kinda bond.

I let him sleep in my room, which is not great for the old allergies, but was nice to be able to spend some extra time. Also kept him from hiding so much.


Garage Sale 1309 Harding Dr Urbana

Garage Sale 1309 Harding Dr Urbana

Garage Sale Tomorrow at 1309 Harding Dr Urbana.

Lots of kitchen stuff, Womens clothing and Mens clothing (XXL and Tall Sizes).

LOTS of other assorted things as well.

8AM to 1PM

1309 Harding Dr

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Resolutions for 2010

2009 has been a pretty interesting year. Dare I say a decent year for me thus far. I certainly hope 2010 will be good as well. I just hope the mysterious "We need to talk" email from the university before the Holiday will not be bad news (though likely we are looking at furloughs.

This year had been our busiest in terms of board gaming. Including Winterwar we went to 6 conventions. Winter War, Gamer Adventures Cruise, Origins Game Fair, GenCon, and BGG.CON. At the ssame time I am trying to eliminate games I do not like nor want. Unfortunately I've dumped less than I have brought in, so the collection is still expanding.

We've been planning the wedding and things are fine there. Little stress thus far because we got most of the big things done.

I dont know what else to really add at this point.

Lastly, A review of Resolutions:


1) Go camping 4 times this year.
-- Perhaps try a short/mini backpacking trip that is less than 4 miles in and 4 miles back. I'm not sure how well the knee will hold up, and would rather not get stuck some where either alone or as a burden on fellow hikers. An introductionary trip
-- Similar to above, be prepared and try another short hike. Melfest last year was a failure, but that was because I was not thinking. I felt really bad requesting we go back early. I dont know how far we even got. Maybe just a half mile it feels like. Maybe it was a whole mile. But felt like i let the group down. I should have done better This time be prepared in whatever maner I need to be. Water knee brace etc. Perhaps during Melfest again.

Sort of success, sort of fail. I went camping 2x more than I had in the past. We didnt go to Bonnaroo this year so I didnt have that camping. However, I did go camping once in the spring at Kickapoo State Park, And twice in the fall. Fox Ridge State Park, and Morraine View State park. If I were to count Melfest, then I did manage to get out at least 4 times.

As for backpacking, I didnt do that at all. However I did get in some day hiking in associated with the camping trips. I'd like to try some better trails in So. IL now too, or somewhere not IL.

2) Finalize and Launch (Need to label a few more old galleries for my photos, and upload all the new stuff. This should be done soon.)

Done. Not really great, but it is up.

3) Launch


4) Save enough money to cover wedding.

Um...Not so much, but working on it. Lots of the wedding is already paid for. Just need to cover the Honeymoon and reception mostly.

5) Get better at my photography.

6) Comment and rank all of my games on Boardgamegeek.

I've not commented on everything, but I have now atleast rated all the games I have played.

7) Learn Go.

Not so much.

8) Create or aquire a good/quality set of classical games. Something portable or otherwise useful.

Nope. I've been looking for a quality go board, but there are some bad psudeo classical games like sorry, and monopoly that I'm not interested in. I should probably define classical games I want good sets of.

Resolutions for 2010

1) Keep track of "vitals" daily. Create a record of all that stuff. I tried that right after my birthday but fell off. Startup again. This includes caloric intake and exercise

2) Camp 5 times this year, and do one short backpacking trip. Try for some place in So. IL or Indiana.

3) Clean up and get rid of all the junk in the house. Either sell in a garage sale or otherwise just get rid of. We will be getting lots of stuff at the Wedding. We need to make room.

4) Create some print and play games, and or classical games. Some 18XX Games seems viable options.

5) Get Married and go on an Alaskan cruise. Hopefully this is a given.

6) Save more $$

7) "Study" and improve photography.

Should be a good list at this point.

GI Joe

It was not as bad as I expected, but having not been a fan of the show, I was not drawn into the mythology perse.

I mean, I know of Destro, Cobra Commander (and the voice that sounds an aweful lot like Starscream), and Sargent Slaughter, and of the Joes (but I could not name any of them)

But it was.....well damn it the ice floats. IT FLOATS!!.

It was fun,a nd it was good to see it with Bray, especially since I had not seen him in a long while.

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I'm having trouble with hypocracy on the current healthcare thing. While I'm not exactly all gung-ho about a government plan (Or single payer) I just saw the "attack add" for against such a policy (Queue the usual, stereotypical, dramatic political ad tactics) Especially about the government coming between you and your doctor.

The problem here of course is that right now, it is not BIG BAD Government, it's actually the BIG BAD Insurance Corporations.

The ad trots out the woman from canada that would have had to wait 14 weeks for a life saving brain tumor operation, but when she came to America she got her first class medical treatment which saved her life.

Compare this to the documentary _Sicko_ where we have people with [a medical condition of which i dont recall] who were rejected by their insurance company, who go to cuba and get life saving treatment.

In both cases you dont get the full story...and frankly I've certainly heard more about insurance companies denying life saving procedures because they are too expensive (thus sticking the bill with the person....despite paying $1000 a month for years)...SO what are we to do.

I think I ultimately have a real problem with someone making money, and basing medical care for someone based on profits, or a suddenly being dropped from coverage. It just does not seem right (especially for a country that, if you listen to the right wingers), is a country that should be more christian. It really doesnt seem right if you are a human being.

However, I will not claim that I have the answer. The real answer is probably a mix of both govt and not-for-profit but no one will be willing to support that. It is a bit more reasonable.

One other grump point. I am tired of the "Government cant do anything" and then claim, that all insurance companies will go out of business cause the govt program will be so great.


Lastly, healthcare is sky-rocketing. It will get worse as the boomers continue to age and get more problems as a result. Ok so everyone goes bankrupt or in debt for health care coverages....I then ask...why bother even saving a damn dime if it will all end up going to an insurance company to cover costs or to the mediacla bills i wont be able to pay anyway. Bankrupt or Bankrupt and enjoy the money while I have it in the past......

Again, I dont have the answers, but Im just getting tired of irrational stupid arguments.