sasquatchdjh's Journal

12 October 1977
Instead of a mini-bio I will instead state my purpose of my journal: I do not yet know what it is or will become. Mostly I think it will be the only way I can get some of my ideas in print. These are a work in progress. No idea is set in stone, nor is it to be taken with out debate. I hope to write in my journal to find who i am and hopefully see how I will change over time. Comments are welcome as I "write" to fully explore who I am. My conditions are that I may not agree with what you say, or change my opinion, but so long as my voice is heard as well, I will listen to other points of view.

These are all works in progress, mostly I ask rhetorical questions (which could be answered), but I am usually trying to figure out what I really think about things because my brain tends to consider every senerio about 100 times and quite frankly my brain is clutterd and im not sure if what I see and think is not either wrong, or not worth mentioning to others.

I mean no offense to any one. All who know me can attest to that. My point of view may be wrong, and its ok to point that out if the need is there, but at the same time it is my point of view and I ask you to consider that fact as well, and to understand or ask why my opinion may have formed as it is.

So Disclaimers:
-- These are works in progress.
-- My point of view is changeable but still my point of view.
-- My opinions do not represent anyone or thing beyond myself.
-- Im not trying to cause problems with anything I say.
-- I tend to play devil's advocate with some things even if I disagree just to see what I really feal about a subject or to see what others feel.
-- Im doing this to explore myself, and to get things that float in my head out of my head.
-- I too try to consider all points of view. I may happen to state something but just because I didnt state the other side does not necessairly mean I have not considerd the other view...Although it does not also mean that I had all the information on the other side.

Basically im covering my arse. If I happen to offend you, im sorry thats not my intent...one cant please everyone, though i end up trying.